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The Health Media LMS refresh

The Project

Those in the know will tell you that most Learning Management Systems lack flexibility when it comes to look and feel. You’re often stuck using an inflexible commercial template, or trying to fit square pegs into round holes to align elements to your brand. And if you’re at all familiar with the various LMS's on the market, you can often spot which system is used from a mile away! 

Our client, The Health Media, has an e-learning platform driven by the SAP Litmos LMS, which is available to subscribers of New Zealand Doctor, and Pharmacy Today, catering to different audiences within the health profession sector. 

The design challenge was to reach deeper within the Litmos template to create a pleasing but unobtrusive design for their LMS, to work in harmony with their various products, and minimise the amount of content reworking. 

By adding some visual depth and dimension, and subtle branding touches, we feel we've greatly enhanced the overall branding, while leaving the learning experience unobstructed.

Flowing on from our work on the LMS, the client then tasked us with refreshing the email communications for each of The Health Media sub-brands. This refresh involved both Litmos and Mailchimp (an email marketing platform) where we first worked on the overall style of the templates and then the styling of the automated content. 

We believe the care shown in creating an end to end branded design helps convey the professionalism The Health Media bakes into their communication and education products.

To talk about updating your Litmos theme, get in touch today. 

Branding SAP Litmos LMS and email communications across multiple digital services
The Client

The Health Media is the proud publisher of New Zealand Doctor | Rata Aotearoa and Pharmacy Today | Kaitiaki  Rongoā O Te Wā, the Healthcare Handbook, Everybody Patient Information Sheets and The Roster Te Rārangi.

They also provide accredited ELearning services for primary healthcare professionals, and host the annual New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora

They work independently, to connect their readers with each other and with the businesses and organisations who wish to communicate with them. As a result of their commitment, their products have been the leading providers of health sector news, opinion and education in New Zealand for well over two decades.